Casino Themed Graduation Party

Okay parents, it’s officially graduation season, which means you and your kids will be attending a number of graduation parties, all with the same décor and the same theme as the rest of them. Why not have a really spectacular graduation party for your kids and their parents, and throw a casino night themed party?

With a casino night graduation party, the possibilities for fun and good times are endless, both for the kids and for the parents.

You can rent black jack tables, craps tables, poker tables, slot machines, even a roulette board! You could also have a photo booth for the kids to take photos to remember their last year of school together for years to come.

Set up some tables for the kids with the easier games to play, depending on their age, like black jack, and have a separate area (complete with DJ Services) for the parents!

To make things a bit interesting, you could give away prizes based on the number of chips the kids win.

Kids with a few chips at the end of the night can cash them in for candy, and the ones who really cleaned up can take home a gift card (if you’re celebrating a high school graduation, think about all the shopping they’ll need to do for college!).

Here at Sarasota Casino Parties, we have all the items you’ll need to decorate your graduation casino night and make this party one to remember.

Contact us today at Sarasota Casino Parties to set up your rentals for your kid’s upcoming graduation party. We won’t disappoint! After all of those final exams, a casino night full of fun, relaxation, and prizes is just what the doctor ordered.

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